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Contributions à l'étude des micromammifères du gisement Miocène supérieur de Montredon (Hérault). 3- Les insectivores
Jean-Yves Crochet and Morton Green
Keywords: Hérault; Insectivora; Late Miocene; Micromammals; Montredon

    This paper presents a preliminary list of insectivores from the Vallesian beds at Montredon (France). The associated rodent fauna has established a Vallesian age for the fauna. Eleven species belonging to the Soricidae, Talpidae, Erinaceidae, and Dimylidae are identified of which four only are referred with certainty to forms already named. 

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Published in Vol. 12, Fasc. 3 (1982)

On the genus Dikkomys (Geomyoidea, Mammalia)
Morton Green and Philip R. Bjork
Keywords: Dikkomys; Geomyoidae; North America

    The geomyoid genus Dikkomys is well represented in a sample from the Black Bear Quarry Il local fauna of Early Hemingfordian age in Bennett County, South Dakota. Isolated unworn P/4's of Dikkomys matthewi WOOD have a prominent median cristid (sagicristid) with a connection to the metaconid and the hypolophid. With wear, P/4 does not become as molariform as P/4 because of this cristid.
    A large sample of the Whitneyan beteromyid Proheteromys nebraskensis WOOD contains variants of the P/4 with on incipient sagicristid in approximately 18 percent of the population. The upper dentition and lower molars of Proheteromys nebraskensis are sufficiently generalized to indicate probable ancestry to Dikkomys

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Published in Vol. 9, Ext (1980)