October 1980
Vol. 9, Ext
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Print ISSN: 0031-0247
Online ISSN: 2274-0333
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PalaeovertebrataVol. 9, Ext:15-35. 1980
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Les crocodiliens paléogenes du Tilemsi (Mali): un aperçu systématique
Eric Buffetaut
Keywords: Crocodilians; Dyrosoridae; Eocene; Mali; Palaeocene

Cite this article: Buffetaut E., 1980. Les crocodiliens paléogenes du Tilemsi (Mali): un aperçu systématique. Palaeovertebrata 9 (ext): 15-35.


Abundant crocodilian fossil remains have been collected, mainly by R. Lavocat. from several levels of the
Palaeogene of the Tilemsi valley (eastern Mali). Several dyrosaurids occur in the Palaeocene (Montian ?) : Phosphatosaurus sp., Hyposaurus bequaerti (Dollo). H. wilsoni (Swinton). H. nopesai (Swinton), Rhabdognathus rarus Swinton, R. compressus n. sp. ln the lower Eocene has been found a dyrosaurid which cannot be accurutely determined.In the middle Eocene were found a dyrosaurid, Tilemsisuchus lavocati n. g., n. sp., and an indeterminate eusuchian. 

Published in Vol. 9, Ext (1980)