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A new species of chimaeroid fish from the upper Paleocene (Thanetian) of Maryland, USA
Gerard R. Case
Keywords: Chimaeroid nov. sp.; Maryland; U.S.A.; Upper Paleocene

    The recent discovery of several mandibular toothplates of a chimaeroid fish at a dig in the area of the Landover Mall, near Landover, Prince Georges County, Maryland, brings to our attention a new species of the chimaeroid, Ischyodus.
     Although superficially reminiscent of the European chimaeroid toothplates of Ischyodus thurmanni (cf. text-fig. 2), I. williamsae nov. sp. probably has a more closer relationship to I. bifurcatus CASE, 1978, of the Upper Cretaceous of New Jersey and Delaware. 

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Published in Vol. 21, Fasc. 1-2 (1991)