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June 2022
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Sur les Condylarthres Cernaysiens Tricuspiodon et Landenodon (Paléocène supérieur de France)
Donald E. Russell
Keywords: Arctocyonidae; Condylarths; Late Paleocene; Tricuspiodontidae

    The numerical importance of the Condylarths in the Cernaysian fauna is discussed. The Condylarth family, Tricuspiodontidae, is reviewed in the light of new material and its close relationships to the Phenacodontidae is suggested ; one new species is recognized : Tricuspiodon sobrinus. European Arctocyonidae are reviewed and the recentclassification of Van Valen is briefly commented on. Also,  the arctocyonine Landenodon is described for the first time in Thanetian (Late Paleocene) sediments ; two new species are proposed : T. lavocati and T. phelizoni

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Published in Vol. 9, Ext (1980)