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June 2022
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Contributions à l'étude du gisement Miocène supérieur de Montredon (Hérault). Les grands mammifères. 3 - Les artiodactyles ruminants
Léonard Ginsburg and Herbert Thomas
Keywords: Artiodactyla; France; Montredon; Ruminentia; Upper Miocene

    The remains of Ruminantia are very rare at Montredon. No specific determination was possible. We have only one Micromeryx, one small cervid, one tragocere and one (?) gazella. The faunal spectrum is in good correlation with the general retreat of the cervids in the European upper Miocene, but in contrast it is not convenient for the bovids, which are in expansion at the same time. For them, we have to invoke the local ecological conditions.

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Published in Vol. 18, Ext (1988)