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June 2022
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Rongeurs du Miocène supérieur de Chorora (Ethiopie): Cricetidae, Rhizomyidae,Phiomyidae, Thryonomyidae,Sciuridae.
Denis Geraads
Keywords: cricetids; Ethiopia; phiomyids; rhizomyids; Rodentia; sciurids; thryonomyids; Upper Miocene

    Besides Dendromurids and Murids, the Chorora Rodents include 7 taxa, two of which are new. Afaromys nov. gen. is a Cricetodontine with very complicated lower molars, certainly isolated for a long time from Eurasian species. A Paraphiomys, with tetralophodont upper molars, is also quite different from other East African species, and its roots should probably he searched in the middle Miocene. Other taxa are less original, and more similar to the South Asiatic ones. 

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Published in Vol. 27, Fasc. 3-4 (1998)