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June 2022
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Paleogene faunal assemblage fron  Antofagasta de la Sierra (Catamarca Province, Argentina).
Guillermo M. Lopez
Keywords: Argentina; Faunal assemblage; Mammalia; Middle Eocene; Reptilia

    The Paleogene faunal assemblage from Antofagasta de la Sierra (Catamarca, Argentina), is here presented, both in its geological and systematic aspects. The fossil bearing levels are referred to the Geste Formation (Pastos Grandes "Group"). The described specimens belong to the Classes Reptilia (Orders Crocodylia, Serpentes and Chelonii) and Mammalia (three taxa from the Superorder Marsupialia, representatives of the Orders Edentata, Condylarthra, Pyrotheria and Astrapotheria, and six families of the Order Notoungulata). This fauna is referred to the Mustersan Age, which in Patagonia represents the Middle Eocene. Such chronologic assignment is based on the presence of characteristic taxa, their evolutionary stage and on stratigraphic evidence. Finally, a brief comparison with other faunal assemblages from the Early Tertiary of Argentina and Chile, is presented. 

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Published in Vol. 26, Fasc. 1-4 (1997)

Prospection paléontologique de la région de Torralba de Ribota (Burdigalien du bassin de Calatayud, prov. de Zaragoza, Espagne)
Edouard Boné, Maria T. Alberdi, Manuel Hoyos and Nieves Lopez-Martinez
Keywords: Faunal assemblage; Macromammals; Spain; Zaragoza prov.

    The study of another faunal assemblage (mostly macromammals) from Torralba de Ribota (Calatayud, Zara-
    goza Prov.) demonstrates the Middle "Burdigalian" age of the deposit, MEIN zone 4a. Some ten genera have been recognized. a.o. Anchitherium, Aceratherium and Lagopsis

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Published in Vol. 9, Ext (1980)