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Les poissons crétacés et tertiaires du bassin des Iullemmeden (République du Niger)
Henri Cappetta
Keywords: Actinopterygians; Cenozoic; Cretaceous; Dipnoans; Selachians

    The present work is devoted to the study of the Cretaceous and Tertiary fishes (teeth of Selachians, Actinopterygians and Dipnoans) collected during a recent expedition in Niger. The Maestrichtian localities have yielded a new genus and a new subspecies of Selachian: Igdabatis sigmodon nov. gen., nov. sp. and Lamna biauriculata nigeriana nov. subsp. The locality of Sessao, which has been attributed to the Thanetian by means of the study of the fish, has furnished by screen-washing an interesting fauna wherein six new species are described: Raja Iouisi, Dasyatis sessaoensis, D. sudrei, D. russelli, Hypolophites thaleri and Ceratodus casieri. Comparison of these faunas with contemporary faunas of Africa has brought out a certain endemism in the Iullemmeden Basin during the late Cretaceous and the early Tertiary. 

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Published in Vol. 05, Fasc. 5 (1972)