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June 2022
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Découverte d'un gisement de micromammifères d'âge Pliocène dans le bassin de Constantine (Algérie), présence d'un muridé nouveau : Paraethomys Athmeniae n.sp.
Brigitte Coiffait and Philippe-Emmanuel Coiffait
Keywords: Algeria; Constantine; Micromammals; Muridae; Pliocene

    The study of that locality allowed the description of a new Muridae : Paraethomys athmeniae n. sp. It reveals the existence of new rodent for Algeria : first, a Sciuridae, Atlantoxerus cf. rhodius, and second, a Gliridae, Eliomys truci. So, that work shows the presence of the genus Eliomys in North Africa before the middle of Pleistocene. Lastly, Paraethomys cf. anomalus gives an exact datation of that bed. 

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Published in Vol. 11, Fasc. 1 (1981)