February 1972
Vol. 05, Fasc. 3
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Print ISSN: 0031-0247
Online ISSN: 2274-0333
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PalaeovertebrataVol. 05, Fasc. 3:79-109. 1972
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Reflections on some Russian eotheriodonts (Reptilia, Synapsida, Therapsida)
Denise Sigogneau-Russell and P. K. Tchudinov
Keywords: Reptilia; Russia; Synapsida; Therapsida

doi: 10.18563/pv.5.3.79-109

Cite this article: Sigogneau-Russell D., Tchudinov P. K., 1972. Reflections on some Russian eotheriodonts (Reptilia, Synapsida, Therapsida). Palaeovertebrata 5 (3): 79-109. doi: 10.18563/pv.5.3.79-109

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As a result of the enrichment of eotheriodont material by one of us (P.K.T.), these specimens (essentially Biarmosuchur and Eotitanosuchur) are reexamined and refigured. A reevaluation of their particularities supports the distinction of two families, for which new diagnoses are proposed. This leads us to discuss the affinities of these families, with respect to the sphenacodonts on one hand, and to the South African primitive theriodonts on the other (gorgonopsids and ictidorhinids). This study contains inherent paleogeographic consequences which are considered in conclusion. 

Published in Vol. 05, Fasc. 3 (1972)