May 1977
Vol. 08, Fasc. 1
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Print ISSN: 0031-0247
Online ISSN: 2274-0333
Frequency: biannual

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Palaeovertebrata Vol. 08, Fasc. 1:May 1977

Table of contents


Les rongeurs du Miocène moyen et supérieur du Maghreb
Jean-Jacques Jaeger
Keywords: Neogene; North Africa; Rodentia

         The Faunas of Rodents from seven north-african fossiliferous beds distributed from the Middle up to the Uppest Miocene are studied. One genus, seventeen species, one subspecies described are new.
           A detailed description is given of the evolution of the numerous specific lines, systematic groups and communities. The evidence of the strong endemism of the North African faunas of that time compared with those of Europe as well as of Tropical Africa is clearly shown. Special relationships with Asia clearly also appear, mostly in the Middle Miocene and the beginning of the Upper Miocene.
           Using the specific lines with a biostratigraphic purpose gives the opportunity to establish a biochronological scale for the continental formations of the Maghreb. This scale is calibrated by a few absolute datations. These datations, as well as the stratigraphical study of several fossiliferous localities have given the possibility to establish precise correlations with the corresponding scales of Europe and of Tropical Africa, as well as with the marine formations of the Neogene of occidental Mediterranean sea.
           The paleoclimatic data connected with this period in North Africa are explained and the contribution of the micromammals is discussed. 

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